Audio/Video Conferencing with iChat AV
Subject:   Awesome
Date:   2003-06-27 17:02:34
From:   anonymous2
I've had two to three audio conversations from LA with my sister in Massachusetts. In a one hour conversation you may see the connection get lost once. Considering how fast and easy it is to restablish the connection it is no big hassle. These conversations have been during prime time so it is saving a fortune. Definitely get a good microphone. My sister has a AUDIO TECHNICA ATR-25 microphone which comes in clear and seems to pick up everything within three to four feet. She hasn't heard me well on my Sony camcorder microphone so I'm getting the ATR-25 for myself. I've tried the video conferencing using my Sony PC9 camcorder. My sister said things came very well but as she doesn't have a camcorder or webcam I can't comment from my end. I think the article should have pointed out that a person with a camera can initiate a one way video conference. That's very nice to know since it can still be very useful whenever you are trying to show someone how to do something on their Mac.

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