Morpheus Out of the Underworld
Subject:   peer 2 peer sharing
Date:   2003-06-28 09:28:04
From:   anonymous2
I have to admit that I live in a fairly protected environment. The outside world seems far away and not to much a part of my life. This recent peer 2 peer lawsuit really had me running to my computer to erase all of the music that I had downloaded because I could not afford the fines that they are threatening individuals with. This was very hard for me because I love my music and look forward to coming home after work and listening to the latest music. I am a law abidding adult trying now to find a legitimate site that I can pay my monthly or yearly fee and download music from. I have visited sites like pressplay and unfortunately they do not supply the music that I want to download and listen to. So where can I go to be legal but get the music I like and know that the artists are getting their fair share? There are so many who want the money but nowhere do they say anything about sharing with the artists.

This peer 2 peer is like sharing with your friends. If we had a block party and everyone brought their CD's to share with each other would that also be considered piracy? Morpheus is the same only on a larger scale isn't it?