Audio/Video Conferencing with iChat AV
Subject:   iChat Video Conferencing
Date:   2003-06-28 12:15:51
From:   bryrock
I got my first iChat AV call on Thursday afternoon after a friend of mine in another state blew me away by going out and buying and iSight (he always broke). I use a Sony TRV25 as my webcam. Our first video conference went flawlessly, even though both of us were using iChat AV for the first time. Since then, however, it has been very frustrating. We are nearly always able to audio conference, but most of our attempts at video conferencing result in video with no audio. We made multiple attempts on Thursday night and finally got it working (neither of us knows what if anything we did made the difference) and held on to a conference for nearly 2 hours. Friday night we tried again for hours, but could never get any audio working unless we stuck to audio conferencing only.

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    2003-06-28 13:19:50  Derrick Story | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

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      2003-06-30 10:51:08  bryrock [View]

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