Audio/Video Conferencing with iChat AV
Subject:   one-way video
Date:   2003-06-28 15:08:16
From:   anonymous2
Within a couple hours of Apple's posting of iChat AV, I had "AM-ed" with someone from Atlanta and someone from Wisconsin. Different bandwidth settings changed the audio quality, although not in any recognizable direction - just adjust to individual preferences.

I was the recipient of a one-way video chat from Virginia to N. California. The guy said he was running his own Sony DV cam and was connected via cable modem. I was on my TiBook 500 via wireless to a Netgear MR814 router connected to a cable modem. The connection was very good - there was a very short lag b/n audio and video, so small that it wasn't bothersome. Speech and video synched nicely.

One-way video chats must be initiated by the video sender. Hilight a buddy in the list, go to "Buddies" in the menu and click on "Invite to One-Way Video Chat." The recipient will get a message that a one-way VC is being requested. Very easy.

I, too, have had occasional problems with audio chats not working properly. Sometimes I would get the message that "packets have not been sent for 10 seconds"...quitting iChat and restarting it always solved the problem. For a beta, it works pretty darn well...and I'm hoping to get my hands on an iSight over the weekend. I also have an iMic but have not used it with that yet. The mic and speakers on both my PB and iMac 233 have worked fine.