Weblog:   Apple and Developers
Subject:   Be grateful Apple is still here
Date:   2003-06-29 13:52:54
From:   anonymous2
If Steve Jobs hadn't come back to Apple, and put his genius to work, Apple would just be another Amiga. Think about that before complaining that Apple stole your idea or whatever.

Essentially, the only advantage Apple has over Microsoft is that Apple controls the entire widget - hardware + OS + addons. And this allows Apple to make strategic decisions that are not possible on Windows - like the iPod. However, in order to capitalize on this advantage, Apple needs to move fast, and cannot wait around for some developer (i.e. Adobe) to bring out a needed product (i.e. Photoshop Album).

On the other hand, screwing some hotshot developer isn't a good idea either (i.e Watson). However, it is possible that Sherlock validates and expands the market and helps Watson in the long run.