Weblog:   Apple and Developers
Subject:   Get the drugs out of your system
Date:   2003-06-29 15:34:03
From:   anonymous2
What would you like to see Apple do to better support its independent developer community? Or are they doing just fine?

The debate is laughable.

What would you like to see Microsoft, or Sun, or Oracle do? Better yet, do you think that any executive at any of the aforementioned corporations gives a rip what you think about their business decisions? Businesses exist to make money so they can continue to exist. Executives
work for businesses to protect the bottom line and thereby contribute to the continued existence of the business, and their continued relationship with the business. It sounds simplistic and harsh but it's factual.

Business is economic warfare, and always has been. Do you explain Gates' behavior by speculating that he has a brain tumor? If so, close this window now and go read a spiderman comic. Apple is no different than any other American technology company and if you look close enough, you will see Apple is no different than any other successful American business, technological or not.

Business is not a socialized handout program. Those of you who have grown up with two decades of government subsidized artificiality, wake up. I am no fan of Gates but his points to the graduating high schoolers were realistic and are valid today. Adjust your thinking before you find yourself flipping burgers. Do not expect any business
to give you anything.

Start thinking about what you have seen businesses do, and think about the likelihood they will continue in that behavior. For example: Expect businesses with armies of lawyers to steal your ideas. Assuming you are
an independent developer, consider that the schoolyard bully just punched you in the mouth and even if you tell your teacher, her hands are tied because she didn't see anything. Your word against the bully's. Expect that if you make the mistake of using anything that said business considers to be of value, even if it promotes the business, you will be met with legalized violence. The lucky ones only receive threats and humiliation. The list goes on and on. The business world is about survival of the fittest and always has been. Do you not remember reading about robber barons in school?

I have said this before: Forget Jobs, Gates, Ellison, etc. There is not 5 cents difference between any of them. Think instead about why there are only 3 American automakers or 1 steelmaker or a few airlines or a couple of computer makers. If you can figure it out, you might be able
to reconcile your fantasies with reality, and take the first step towards operating in the bare knuckles world of American business.

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