Weblog:   Apple and Developers
Subject:   Stale (and Erroneous) Lecture on Capitalism
Date:   2003-06-29 17:11:54
From:   jmincey
Response to: Get the drugs out of your system

If Apple Computer's foremost objective were pure profit, then it would get out of the computer business altogether. (Or are you under the impression that the technology industry has the highest profit margins and brings the greatest revenue of any other industry?)

Hey, of course Apple wants to make a profit -- and no one in this "laughable" debate denies that. But this reality -- (that Apple acts in its own interests and seeks to gain profit for itself and its shareholders) -- is not at odds with a program to support developers for the Macintosh. Quite the contrary -- they go hand in hand. Or do you really think Apple would not benefit in the least by having a vibrant and creative and healthy developer community for the Macintosh?

Jeff Mincey

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