Weblog:   Apple and Developers
Subject:   I agree with the Devleoper
Date:   2003-06-30 00:59:23
From:   anonymous2
It pains me to read dis-information.
When it comes down to bad info about the Mac or Apple, it bugs me, too.
The thing is the innovations which made the Mac truly over the top to me mostly came from Apple cribbing smaller shareware or smaller software developers.
Case in point: Contextual Menus.
When people rant and rave about Apple's lack of a multi-button mouse, invariably the notion of right-clicking to bring up a menu enters the conversation. The thing is Microsoft didn't invent that, and, Apple didn't copy MS when they introduced the feature in OS 8. They both ripped off another software company.
Apple continues to do this practice...and maybe given the recent Supreme Court case where the SC decided not to hear a suit on reverse engineering thus letting the lower court decision stand in effect saying that you can't reverse engineer software without violating end user agreements...well, long story short, perhaps small software developers will have a leg to stand on in the future.
So the makers of Watson, Font utilities tools for X should have the right to innovate and to compete but they shouldn't have to compete with Apple.
The big A should back down and just encourage innovation to continue and aggregate the fruits so that the software is more visible and accesible to the end users.
my two cents.

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