Weblog:   Want to Do More with an iSight than Chat?
Subject:   what is the magic AIM message?
Date:   2003-06-30 20:54:37
From:   sbpetrack
Response to: iSight Drivers?

Apparently when iChat begins an AV session with another iChat is sends a magic AIM message which causes the remote iChat to start listening on port 5060 for sip requests. Does anyone know what this magic AIM message is?

I have several sip clients on my Windows XP laptop, and if I could send from my PC AIM client this magic AIM message, I could then start up an AV session with one of my sip clients. Even if I can't send the magic AIM message from my ordinary PC AIM client, there are open AIM clients that will surely let me send the magic message.

Anyone know what it is?