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Subject:   iSight driver problem
Date:   2003-07-01 06:37:39
From:   ghbrett
My iSight worked well right out of the box and then I tried it with VRVS ( which uses X11 based vic, vat, rat and IOXpert Firewire drivers. I was using IOXpert in trial mode. It didn't work basically cause I was behind NAT. But when I then tried to get back to iChat AV - the IOXpert driver kept trying to launch, but didn't "know" the iSight and then shut down turing the iSight off. OK, so I removed the IOXpert drivers using sudo rm -r. Since then I can not get iSight to work. iChat AV works all right until I plug in or turn on iSight and then it (iChat) crashes. So, I tried the other apps friendly to iSight like QT Broadcast and EvoCam... likewise they suddenly shut down when I turn on iSight.

I have uninstalled iChat and re-installed it. No Luck. I have done lots of searching for the iSight drivers to re-install them with No Luck. I went to local Apple Store Genius and he said run software extension check but had no further clue. Oh, I ran extension and permission checks, found other issues but nothing for iSight nor FireWire.

Oh, this is on a 3 week old 12" G4 Powerbook with 640MB RAM and updated software.

Any suggestions other than re-installing system software??

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