Unfinished Business: The One Missing Piece
Subject:   Real-World Business Case
Date:   2003-07-01 07:15:41
From:   anonymous2
I am the directory services specialist of a 25,000 user environment (university).

Our main directory service (meta directory) is based on RedHat linux servers running Novell eDirectory.
Novell's DirXML provides connectivity and data synchronization between our meta directory and other (directory) services that are in use such as WindowsNT4, Windows2000 ADS, Oracle, SAP, and other eDirectories.

ALL of our user identity information flows through eDirectory on linux servers and has been doing so for the past couple of years.

Even though management wanted to enforce use of ADS, benchmarks and objective functionality reports convinced them to use eDirectory.

How will the follow-up on this article react to real-world business cases like this?
If the author wants more information for his research, contact me and I will provide it.

Mark van Reijn
m.i.van_reijn (at) i-groep leidenuniv nl