Weblog:   Apple and Developers
Subject:   Stale (and Erroneous) Lecture on Capitalism
Date:   2003-07-01 07:33:39
From:   dogzilla
Response to: Stale (and Erroneous) Lecture on Capitalism

>>If Apple Computer's foremost objective were pure profit,
>>then it would get out of the computer business
>>altogether. (Or are you under the impression that the
>>technology industry has the highest profit margins and
>>brings the greatest revenue of any other industry?)

Interestingly, things like the iPod and the Apple Music Store seem to indicate that Apple is trying to get out of the computer business, or more correctly, to leverage its brand's reputation for quality and user-friendlness to broaden it's base beyond the personal-computing market and morph into somthing more like an American Sony or Samsung.

As for the rest of this debate: it seems to me that Apple has always given developers plenty of opportunity to fill holes in the platform. How long and hard was Apple pushing developers to move away from OS9 and onto OS X? Those small developers that took a chance and committed have succeeded. Those that hemmed and hawed in the face of opportunity didn't.

It sounds to me like some developers are beginning to demand that Apple reduce the risk of being in business in a Capitalist environment. Get with the program, folks - it's called competition and you (as a small developer) have strengths and weaknesses that aren't the same as those of a huge company like Apple. Play to your strengths, avoid your weaknesses, work hard, and do some basic research for crying out loud (ie: if you're worried about Apple stepping on your toes, don't focus your energies on extending a service Apple already provided for free, as Watson did).

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