Weblog:   Apple and Developers
Subject:   Seeding
Date:   2003-07-02 08:31:51
From:   anonymous2
Apple attitude towards its independent software developers is OK in <general>.

But look at this: Mr.Jobs (who is Apple CEO) opened his keynote on WWDC2003 with the statement that there are over 300,000 REGISTERED Apple developers out there, and at the same time only somewhat over ONE percent of them (who attended the conference) would get their hands on the Panther (which is the next MAJOR Release of Mac OS X etc etc) at this time.

That fact alone shows to me that Apple doesn't trust (or/and is suspicious towards) its REGISTERED developers.
Except that, it is a HUGE missed opportunity on part of Apple to get bugs reports etc from the other 99% of developers. Now check out eBay ( for Mac OS X Panther) to see for yourself how the market reacted to that.

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