Weblog:   All Software Should Be Network Aware
Subject:   From Web Admin to XML Admin
Date:   2003-07-02 11:24:22
From:   anonymous2
Many devices and applications, though still not enough of them, now run their own "mini web server" that presents a remote administration interface that admins can access from any web browser - recent HP LaserJet printers come to mind as an example.

The problem with web admin stuff is that it's cumbersome and usually not very flexible. You end up with dozens of bookmarks for systems that all have their own unique, idiosyncratic web management interface (not to mention their own walled-off user logon accounts), that you must connect to one at a time.

If apps and devices exposed their remote management interfaces via XML instead of HTML (surely not that big of a leap), it would be really easy to create a single, integrated administration console that talks to all of them with a customizable interface, auto logon to each device, etc. I envision something like a cross between Microsoft MMC (right idea but horrible implementation), Konfabulator, and Web Services.

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