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Subject:   Personal Server and the cell phone
Date:   2003-07-03 03:03:21
From:   jannenet
There was a really great article in Business 2.0 about the future of the cell phones. The idea that in the future cell phone will be more like a web server than just a phone was really interesting. If cell phones will be "personal servers" in a couple of years, they really need to follow standards.

Nowadays the cell phone business doesn't actually follow the standards. As a finnish I'm more than happy to see that there are still people who are interested about our country and Nokia. But if one uses some other phones than Nokia phones in Finland, it's just a nightmare. Nothing works. As a Mac user I bought SonyEricsson T-68i. The phone is really good, but I can't use all of it's capacities, because everything is measured by Nokia measures.

So, there's a really big lesson to learn in the cell phone business. I really like to see that in the future I can buy all my hardware and not to think: "Does this work with everything else?".

Digital convergency is still a dream.

BTW. That article in Business 2.0 can be found at:,1640,50167,00.html

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  1. Personal Server and the cell phone
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