Weblog:   All Software Should Be Network Aware
Subject:   Better use of Instant Messaging
Date:   2003-07-03 08:26:01
From:   germuska
Response to: Better use of Instant Messaging

The Jabber folks think of things this way -- in fact, O'Reilly's own Programming Jabber has several examples. For instance, the author suggested that he might have a machine on the far end of a dial-up connection periodically dial in (rather than attempt to maintain a long-term dial-up connection), and then register it's presence with a Jabber Server, so that one could know when the "window of opportunity" for connecting back to the home machine was open.

It's sort of frustrating that Jabber hasn't broken out of the hobbyist camp, but then, HTTP was around for several years before it caught the public imagination.