MySQL FULLTEXT Searching
Subject:   Inaccuracies in the article.
Date:   2003-07-03 11:06:33
From:   anonymous2
This comment is ambiguous: "Queries that are longer than 20 characters will not be sorted." Each of the example queries are longer than 20 characters. Besides, it's the results that are sorted, not the queries. Perhaps the author is referring to the search term, but I can't find any analog in the MySQL docs. 20 characters seems short anyway for multi-word search terms.

This statement is incorrect: "MySQL requires that you have at least three rows of data in your result set before it will return any results." If your query only has one matching row, MySQL still gives it to you. The requirement is one of the dataset, not the result set. The requirement is a result of the next item in the list (the 50% rule) since a match of 1 out of two rows is 50%.

This article isn't quite accurate enough to let you avoid reading the documentation: