Multiprocessor Work Sharing with Cocoa
Subject:   now G5 is out spotted your article
Date:   2003-07-03 12:03:47
From:   psheldon
Too fast a read. Wanted a structured walkthrough. Maybe I could have given myself one.

For example, you might have pointed out where the simulation was happening, even though I didn't have multiple processors yet. Until I buy, I might like to make believe and predict what a strategy would afford me, much as in your trading software!

You mention rumored mp cards, I note music production cards have auxilliary processors. I suspect that PCI-X might have that 64 bit wide bus to something with an external fan.

I am intrigued that you are a quantum chemist with graphic software VTK thinking and yet also in market modeling. I thought such creatures alien to each other, a generation gap I have with my aged mother.

Perhaps there is chaos in your strategies of prediction?

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  1. now G5 is out spotted your article
    2003-07-03 12:25:47  drewmccormack [View]

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