A Musician's Take on File Sharing, DRM, and Copyleft Licensing
Subject:   Mp3 Helps, the record industy hurt themselves
Date:   2003-07-04 00:04:47
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Mp3 Helps, the record industy hurt themselves

So, it is now reduced to Use Net language,ie calling us p2p'rs "Monkey F**Ks" does not improve your status, keep it civil. And you lost the track of the point, and that being the RIAA has been lying thru it's mouthpieces, Hillary and Carey to the artist's, the consumer's and the Congress most of all. We are not saying we will not purchase CD's or whatever media format comes out in the future. We are saying "Stop the Lies and Hypocracy". See Sony /Phillips are both members of the RIAA and they gave us the consumers the CD player and recorder, smell a rat here yet?? They both get royalty's on all products and media, so why are they whining?? The obvious anwser is that they truely are "Pigopolist's", as are all RIAA member labels that are supporting the consumer war. What happened to the FTC's suit of price fixing?? That seems to have gone to a back shelf at their offices somewhere, soon after "Mr Bush and the Forty Thieve's" took office. Where are our $12.00+/- that the RIAA settled with the FTC for the long years of screwing the consumer?? Did you get yours?? I did not and has been months since it was settled and I have yet to see even a discount coupon(that I will be more than happy to torch in front of Sam Goody's if and when it ever arrives in my mailbox)

P2P for all it's faults has brought me to 2 groups I will now mention. The Gathering Field( and Shamall(, if I had not been searching for an out of catalog song. I have since ordered a few of their CD's and they are NOT RIAA affiliated. Until the artists and writers are given their royalty's as gauranteed under the law(which has been perverted to the label's whims), prices of a new CD with acceptable content to me the consumer are reduced by at least 1/2 the current prices, the DMCA and any such hinerances such as TCPA/DRM are tabled permenantly, I will never ever purchase any CD by any artist of a RIAA member label again(I used to purchase 10-15 per month, even when I was downloading on Napster), I will buy RIAA member labels from 2nd hand sources, since I know they will not see a penny from it's sale(this has been in effect since Metalica/RIAA took and killed Napster). Speaking of Metalica, you do know they have had a change of heart and are now embracing the P2P?? See, we are gaining more support every day as the RIAA and the Washington hoard are losing, next election I will be working hard for the next President that will actually get elected, not bought and packaged by industry, be very scared the voter's are PISSED. Ok, I off my Soapbox now.

Btw, haven't I seen your RIAA Troll post's in P2P Groups?? -=;=-

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