Dot Mac Reloaded
Subject:   If you use all the features, It's probably worth it.
Date:   2003-07-09 10:01:07
From:   anonymous2
If you don't use many of the features, however, $99 is simply way too much. Between my ISP and my Web Host, I have all the .Mac features I would otherwise need. My broadband provider gives me 7 email accounts and 70MBs of webspace. My Web Host provides me with 500MB of space and unlimited bandwidth - AND I can use my own domain name. Until I get one of those new G5 towers, my Pismo is my only Mac - so I don't need to sync it with anything. I don't worry about Mac viruses (and the Virex app is actually more annoying than useful). I haven't been particularly interested in any of the other free software gifts, and I don't send email cards... In short, .Mac offers me nothing I'm not already paying for anyway.

I would stick with .Mac if it allowed me to save on other expenses. For example, If I could use my Domain Name in conjunction with the service, then I could possibly drop my Web Host. If the OS X updates (such as Panther) were also included as 'free gifts', then that too would be worth it (and a little more). However as it stands $99 is simply way too much just for the coolness factor of having an email suffix - as much as I'm going to miss it. I'm hoping to avoid the bulk email steering everyone clear of my address, but I just can't justify the price.