Dot Mac Reloaded
Subject:   Dot Mac Bookmarks
Date:   2003-07-09 10:17:19
From:   mbrewer
Well, I guess the timing on this article was a bit off. There is a new feature today for Dot Mac that I had wished for in this article. We've seen a screenshot of this feature before if you keep track of the rumor sites. Here's what Apple has to say about it:

Take your bookmarks with you wherever you go. With new .Mac Bookmarks, a handy surfer window with your favorite bookmarks opens on any Internet-connected computer, providing instant access to your favorite places on the web. Use it on your home or work computer, even at an Internet cafe.

Use iSync 1.1 to combine your .Mac Bookmarks with your Safari bookmarks for a complete library of your bookmarks. And no matter where you are when you change your bookmarks, they'll be synchronized and up-to-date across multiple Macs and on the web.