Dot Mac Reloaded
Subject:   Probably not renewing
Date:   2003-07-09 15:46:57
From:   anonymous2
If there were a tier system, simple email and maybe some small webspace for 20 bucks a year, I would do it no problem. As it is the services they offer don't really do much for me.
I don't have more than one machine so what do I care if my bookmarks are/aren't synched by their server?
The thing that I though would be really interesting would be the idea mentioned by another poster about a service similar to what dyndns offered. One of hte marketing points was the ability to have Apache on the machine and to easily host a website from your computer. But I don't have a static IP so it doesn't really do me much good to have a site on a machine no one can reach.
If Apple provided something like that I would definitely renew. In a heartbeat. I figure then it would all add up to something that I would be interested in for a 99 dollar package.