Dot Mac Reloaded
Subject:   Probably won't renew
Date:   2003-07-11 11:26:18
From:   anonymous2
Don't get me wrong, .Mac is a great service, with loads of interesting and unheard of features. But I have DSL, so I might as well host my website on my Mac at home, and it would have less downtime. Email and Web services are often offline, sometimes for large periods of time and with no notice or confirmation of inaccessability. And .Mac Bookmarks and Address Book I don't really need. I'm not going to ever get a virus, so I don't need McAfee Virex. And additionally, the Backup tool is a bad idea: My iDisk is WAY too small and slow to backup to, instead I use a program that backs up to DV tape: Much more economical. Everything .Mac does that I need I can do myself or do for free.

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  1. Web serving from Mac (Probably won't renew)
    2003-07-17 13:46:53  sbj [View]

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