Amish for QWERTY
Subject:   flat rate for SMS
Date:   2003-07-11 11:54:52
From:   anonymous2
Response to: You'll adapt

i agree with that the fact that paying per text message really rots. When friends sent me my first text, i was skeptical, and replied haltingly with my 12-key interface (damn! why do i have to hit "7" four times for "s"?

like any adapter, i got the hang quick.
but by my next cell phone billing cycle, i was up to $40 in SMS charges.

Luckily they offered a "flat rate" plan at 5% of the cost of individual messages if i bought 100 or more per month. I switched.
i hope that is a continuing trend, as the service become more widely used, rates will have to be affordable or at least bundled with other cell plans.

Do the Amish really use cell phones in the stables?