Amish for QWERTY
Subject:   We just don't know it - the Disney theory
Date:   2003-07-14 18:04:09
From:   anonymous2
At Siggraph in 1994 (sketches) a Finnish guy told us about his experience during the '93 conference in Orlando. This is bad becasue I can't remember the presenter's name. He was at Adventure Land and his kids insisted on taking him to the arcade where they have games some of which are about 100 yrs old. As he stood on the plate and gripped the strength tester - you know, the scale from wimpy to manly? he realized that the interface today is the same as it was 100 years ago. The presentation was short. He just pointed it out, chatted a bit about what was out on the floor, and stepped down. What we have now, what you know now, all the stuff we are thinking about buying is pointlessly bad.