Unfinished Business Part 2: Closing the Circle
Subject:   On topic...
Date:   2003-07-15 14:03:42
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Off-Topic

"These two articles aren't really about Active Directory or eDirectory. They're about the challenges people face while migrating large business networks to Linux."

To pick up the the first sentence of this article, David states "the first part of this discussion about Enterprise Directory Services and Linux," but the discussion only centers around AD. I guess that is a "challenge" try to get something that doesn't work to work. Maybe someone could follow up with "the challenges of getting a Linux box to product a BSOD"...MS *definitely* has the "de facto" monopolistic market share there? Heck, Linux doesn't even have a "screen of death," much less a *blue* one. ;-)

On the other hand, if this is about "Enterprise Directory Services," then why wouldn't he discuss Novell or Sun products (among others) in addition to AD?

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