Unfinished Business Part 2: Closing the Circle
Subject:   Off-Topic
Date:   2003-07-15 14:34:08
From:   anonymous2
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"that's one reason we have talkbacks enabled."

So then why strip out a post reflecting a precedent?

"If you have hard numbers as to deployment rates of one product versus the other, by all means please post them -- but I'm going to need something stronger than opinion."

Well, I guess that means that the author, the person who supposedly did research, does not have to back up his claims?

So, let me see if I can come up with eDirectory implementations...that is, in addition to the other people who have posted...

"BASF uses eDirectory to simplify administration of more than 40,000 users."

British Telecom..."The solution is powered by Novell SecureLogin and Novell eDirectory™."

"As part of the contract, Novell's directory and network services will be used to consolidate user data for approximately 70,000 employees, and create a secure and structured access to the company Intranet."

French Tax Authority...
"Novell, Inc.®, a leader in eBusiness solutions and Net services software, today made public details of its largest European eGovernment project; a directory solution for the Direction Générale des Impôts (DGI), the French Tax Authority, that will be used by 35 million French taxpayers"

"Novell initially estimated that they would attract 40 to 50 customers over the entire life of the promotion. They guessed wrong. In the first month, they had 1,700 customers sign up."

Although they claim 1.4 billion licenses, they state they have "734 million active eDirectory user licenses"

As for the adoption of (In)active Directory...

"Following slow adoption of Active Directory after its release as part of Windows 2000 three years ago",3959,667380,00.asp

"the slow adoption of AD has been a frustration for Microsoft. ",14179,2895694,00.html

You can't really run AD on an old can you...

"A recent ENT survey of 800 enterprise Windows sites finds that 64 percent still run Windows NT 4.0"

"According to some industry estimates, between 35 and 45 percent of Windows server customers still run Windows NT 4.0,"


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