SquirrelMail, a Web-Based Mail Server
Subject:   Squirrelmail and Apache
Date:   2003-07-16 09:07:55
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Correction to requirements

I have some problems with squirrelmail installation.
I have two different servers. One is for webserver, the other one is for mail, and samba server. Both servers are situated behind the router (I have one static IP for all services). Now I would like to set up squirrelmail. Can I use squirrelmail as virtual host in my apache configuration? If yes, how should I setup DocumentRoot for squirrelmail (apache server and mail server are on the different computers). May be I need to run another apache server on the same computer where mail server is? But I have 80 port forward (on the router) only for my web server. So, if somebody have had this situation before and can help me, I'll be happy.
Please send me answer by mail
Thank you ALL!!!