Terence Spies on Identity-Based Encryption
Subject:   open ?
Date:   2003-07-18 02:09:44
From:   anonymous2
Interesting article and technology.
4 things spring to mind...

- you propose to offer open what form ?
Is this of the technology (IBE) or only if one uses your toolkit ?.
e.g. can one write and use an open source library directly derived from Boneh and Franklin's paper (which you have patent rights) ?

- will you be publishing the message and key formats ?

- are there any performace numbers for your technology, say compared to RSA ?

- how do you secure traffic to anonymous!

yours etc.,

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  1. open ?
    2003-07-21 21:34:43  terencespies [View]

  2. Yes, I would love to see answers to these questions. N/T
    2003-07-20 01:25:54  anonymous2 [View]

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