Buy Where You Shop
Subject:   I bought my first O'Reilly book at Softpro
Date:   2003-07-18 13:47:13
From:   anonymous2
Response to: I bought my first O'Reilly book at Softpro

That's the same store where my own O'Reilly books are mostly from too (I have 2 or 3 from a local B&N where I first disovered O'Reilly years ago). A friend showed me SoftPro (the Burlington, MA store) last year, I joined the "Team O'Reilly" program there, and I've bought enough books to already have several free ones from that program. All the books were discounted 20% off the top, and the employees there (sometimes the store owner is there too) are really knowledgeable about what they stock. Although I haven't been able to attend one yet, the store also hosts live talks by many of the authors whose books they carry.

I would never get this kind of service and enjoyable shopping experience online, and I don't think I've paid much more for my books there than Amazon was selling them for. Mostly, I love knowing I'm supporting an "indie" business which cares about its offerings and its customers.

I realize not everyone is fortunate to have a store like this close by, but I agree, if you can get in there to browse, and they have what you need, keep them in business and make the purchase there too.