Learning the Mac OS X Terminal: Part 1
Subject:   Pico ?
Date:   2003-07-20 23:41:32
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Pico ?

"Incomplete termcap entry" is referring to your TERM (terminal) shell environmental variable - which if your box was screwed up like mine had a line that said "TERM=network" or something like that. This won't let you use pico among other annoying things.

To check this simply type "env" at the prompt and all your environmental variables will be listed. A resonable choice for your TERM would be vt100 - which you can set (Assuming you are running tcsh - the default Mac OS X shell) by typing:

[xyz]zyx% setenv TERM vt100

You will probably also want to add the line above to your "~/.tcshrc" file (make that file it if doesn't exist).

To see where the pico application is type:

[xyz]zyx% which pico

And you should see something like "/usr/bin/pico"

If you still can't use pico - check that "/usr/bin" is part of your PATH environmental variable...

Hope that helps. My appologies if you are a solid *nix person and I was talking down to you. It's just that sometimes the OS X users are a bit befuddled by the command line...