Open Database Connectivity in Jaguar
Subject:   Useful but no FMP success
Date:   2003-07-21 06:18:58
From:   anonymous2
That was very useful... I was having trouble with the DSN configuration in ODBC (I added host=localhost to the key pairs FWIW). I then tested it with "odbctest" (about which I had known nothing!) and bingo! my local MySQL DB appeared and I could run SQL queries on the command line.

Sadly though even after restarting FM 6.0 the data source doesn't appear in the Open... ODBC dialog (or Import ODBC)... frustrating!

Still, it's a start, and thanks again for a helpful article.


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  1. Useful but no FMP success
    2003-07-29 05:25:24  Andrew Anderson | [View]

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