Terence Spies on Identity-Based Encryption
Subject:   open ?
Date:   2003-07-21 21:34:43
From:   terencespies
Response to: open ?

Great questions!

1. Licensing - We are still deciding precisely what licensing terms will be offered, but we are committed to making the client toolkit freely available, including the ability to modify the toolkit. More details will be forthcoming soon.

2. Formats - absolutely. We'll be publishing formats and protocols for our products. The toolkit will include enough code to interact with a Voltage SecurePolicy Suite and do things like send secure email, etc.

3. Performance. We are somewhat slower than RSA on the client (about 2-3x slower, but still in the sub-100 ms. range), but are continually working to optimize implementation of the pairing operation. The server key generation operation is very fast (it's an elliptic curve multiplication), which is nice for scalability. Different curve families also have different performance characteristics. We'll have a tech note on our site later on that will give more details.

4. Anonymous. Hmmm, we'll have to think about this one! I guess it depends on your SecurePolicy Suite's policy on who it will give a key for anonymous to. There might actually be a cool protocol possible here to dynamically allocate psuedonyms using IBE. Good food for thought!