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Subject:   Subversion
Date:   2003-07-22 04:43:05
From:   anonymous2
Although not officially "production" ready, I've been using Subversion to back up my system:

It handles binary diffs and moving files, two of the biggest day-to-day problems I've had with using CVS. It also uses HTTP/WebDAV as its transfer protocol, which makes my company's sys-admin happy. The command line interface is very CVS-like, so it wasn't hard to pick up once I understood the underlying architectural differences

On the down side, it's /much/ more complex than CVS at this point, and took a while to install on my TiBook.

Here’s a good o’reillynet article from last year on subversion if you’re curious:

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    2005-01-31 07:24:08  mizumitai [View]

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