The DigiCam Chronicles: Sound Is Half the Picture
Subject:   Audio recorders and OS X Audio Software
Date:   2003-07-23 07:36:57
From:   anonymous2
I would recommend AUDACITY as a great piece of free OS X audio software, downloadable from the web. Can save and manipulate waveforms in many and varied ways quickly and easily. FREE can do much better than that.

Griffin iMic as mentioned in the article is a great interface from microphones and/or audio devices.

With regards to recording I use a high-quality microphone with a MiniDisc Walkman (MZ-N707). This is designed for the job and doesn't have quirks when recording audio such that you get recording straight to HDD. [admittedly not cheap, but does a great job and has many other fine uses]

AUDIO CD's, QUICKTIME MOVIES and all kinds of things can be enhanced through these great little devices. I use them with a lil iBook.

Cool article too thanks Derrick.