C is for Cocoa
Subject:   Good idea... but...
Date:   2003-07-23 17:29:33
From:   tallama
Response to: Good idea... but...

Hello, this is the author speaking.

The idea here is not necessarily to move the person from a complete newbie to the president of the next Omni Group. The issue these articles are intended to address is that every tutorial out there assumes that you know too much. Granted, as many people here are pointing out, knowing all that they ask you to is a great thing, but it's not REALLY required. You can get by on less.

How much less is the question. and that's a matter of opinion. The basics of C aren't that hard, but they are a formidable obstacle if you're coming at it with no previous knowledge at all. This article is the start, and it's intentionally aimed at the lowest point I thought I could pick people up at. From here we'll move on to bigger and better things, and try to give people a bit of ground to stand on. But we're not going to be building a mountain out of it; there are tutorials that do that work already. This is merely an attempt to bridge the gap that I saw in the learning curve.