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  Defending Your Site Against Spam, Part 2
Subject:   Plenty of other resources for qmail to handle spam.
Date:   2003-07-26 20:40:07
From:   anonymous2
For additional qmail anti spam resources check out:


I've been running qpsmtpd (get top of tree CVS from http://develooper.com/code/qpsmtpd/) as a drop-in replacement to smtpd for some time now. It has a number of plugins for black lists and people who abuse [E]SMTP, my favorite is the spamassassin plugin for incoming system-wide spam handling (I don't use this plugin internally for outgoing mail to improve performance)

I agree with your approach of stopping spam at the SMTP level. It has made a huge improvement in the amount of spam that my domain receives since qpsmtpd returns a "552 spam score exceeded threshold message" which is about the only hope of getting off of the spam lists.

Also check out the SPAMCONTROL patch to smtpd, magic-smtpd, and http://www.amavis.org.

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