What We're Doing When We Blog
Subject:   What We're...Blog
Date:   2003-07-27 12:16:56
From:   lonewriter
Being very new to BLOGING, I have a few questions. What makes BLOGING different from Chat Rooms? Having limited experience with Chat Rooms and after reading your excellent article I can see some differences, however I would like to know your input on the subject.
Also since I have never tried a Weblog site (at least not that I know of), how do I find BLOG sites that I might be interested in? Is there some sort of BLOG directory?
I am not new to the Internet but BOLG is a term I have seen very little of until recently.
I very seldom go into or even “Skulk” chat rooms because I find it hard to keep up with all the shortcuts, acronyms emcons, and shorthand used, I don’t see any of this in the posting to this site. Do BLOGs use these types of communication?

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