The Death of HyperCard?
Subject:   Hypercard lives on!
Date:   2003-07-27 18:34:52
From:   anonymous2
For those experienced in Hypercard, all is not lost. There is a modern, cross-platform version that has seen significant growth and development (colour, relational database access, drag and drop, etc).

Have a look at

I never knew Hypercard, but when I discovered Revolution, it was a revelation. And I turned to books on Hypercard and Hypertalk in order to get my grounding with Revolution.

Some of the old authorities on Hypercard are to be found using and writing about Revolution. It offers far more opportunities and power than Hypercard.

You can currently get a single platform version e.g. for OS X for $75:

It recently gathered 4.5 out of 5 mice in a magazine review:

I hope this is of interest to Hypercard users. Apple might want Hypercard to die, but Hypercard lives on!

I have no connection to Runrev - I am just a highly satisified user (who wishes he had discovered Hypercard 10 years ago)...