A Study in Flash Form Submission
Subject:   checkboxes
Date:   2003-07-27 19:58:47
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Multiline text problems

If anyone can help would appreciate.
Using flash 5.
Have a form that sends to cgi-email and calls
out a form.txt and then goes to an email address.
txt file is this format:
name [Name] etc.

I have had to had some checkboxes but added function in actions script on frame1:
function onSubmit () {
if (Paint.getValue() == true) {
var Paint = "Paint";
if (Paint2.getValue() == true) {
var Paint2 = "Paint2";
if (Paint3.getValue() == true) {
var Paint3 = "Paint3";

//on submit button
I have it going to:

on (release) {
function onSubmit (Value) {
getURL ("http://www.servername/cgi-bin/cgiemail/textFilename.txt", "", "POST");
It picks up the text boxes, but not the checkboxes. Can anyone help.