Why Unix Matters to Mac OS X
Subject:   Why alt OSes on mac hardware?
Date:   2003-07-30 17:18:10
From:   anonymous2
Loads of posts about people installing alternative *nix variants on mac hardware...

This makes me sad because I have been wishing to get me a mac just to be able to use OS X.
The reason for this is to be able to run Logic Audio and other important applications.
I currently need to keep a windows partition around to be able to use any of them.. which is very frustrating, since I don't like to use that type of a toy-OS at all.

I've use a mixed flavour of *nix variants on all my PCs for years, but finding applications in some areas such as music production is way out of reach for a long time to come.
Except for mac hardware of course... which come with a pricetag way over my budget atm.