C is for Cocoa
Subject:   Maybe you should simply recommend particular books for people to learn C from
Date:   2003-07-31 08:23:22
From:   anonymous2
I do not mean to be terribly harsh, but the fact that this article qualified as an article blows my mind. I am a senior in Computer Science at LSU where we have learned C from day 1 and used it ever since as our program is more of a system development program. There is so much more that these people will need to know that you cannot possible fit into even a moderate number of articles.

Here are some books that I would recommend for anyone who is interested in learning C and possible to go a bit deeper in design:

The C Programming Language (authors homepage:

"This book is written by the developer of C, Dennis Ritchie. Every programmer that uses C has/should have a copy of this. It is filled with useful information, realistic examples, and concise."

C How to Program (ISBN: 0132261197)

"This is my first C book that was really good. I didn't care for some of the examples whenever I got later in my data structure courses, but it is worth its weight. However, please make sure to order the 2nd edition as the 3rd edition is half C++ and excludes the library of functions and descriptions."

A data structures book in C wouldn't be bad either, however my copy is at home, so I can't recommend one.

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