A Musician's Take on File Sharing, DRM, and Copyleft Licensing
Subject:   Mp3 sharing
Date:   2003-08-01 12:45:00
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Mp3 sharing

I don't understand what all the hoopla is about. If any of you remember, back when there were 8 tracks and cassette tape, there was taping going on between friends and off the radio.Anyone could even tape a whole album. Now there are computers that allow you to record cd's and dvd's and all of a sudden the "BIG GUYS" aren't getting the big money so they have to go out and hunt down the little people that are not doing anything different than their parents used to do. Shame on them... How is sharing on p2p any different than if I went out and bought a tape and brought it to my friends house for them to tape.. It isn't any different and you all know this is not some new practice this has been going on in every household for years and years. Like many have said if you want to keep selling cd's, then why not bring down the price of cd's.. Your public is speaking and I think you should listen.. that is if you give a damn about the people who are putting the big bucks in your pocket to begin with. If they are going to go after people that share music then what next.. will copying movies and television shows off of the tv be banned? will we all be sopenaed for using our vcr? how about those cd burners? will they go after them too.. and computer users.. watch out.. If you ask me.. this is insane! If anything the music industry and the music makers should be flattered that we enjoy the music so much that we want to share it with the rest of the world... No matter what you try to do there will always be people out there making up new ways to get music to others so why not just quit while your ahead and let us enjoy our music the way it is suppose to be enjoy.