A Musician's Take on File Sharing, DRM, and Copyleft Licensing
Subject:   So Many Problems
Date:   2003-08-01 22:16:53
From:   anonymous2
I agree that many of the cd's have only 1 or 2 good songs. But the reason I'm not buying them and instead download is the following.
Listen to the wonderful world of Radio what do we get?
Drop of Jupiter 10 times a day.
"You gots the poison,I gots the remedy" 25X/day
Some annoying Jamaican song 15X/day
Justin Timberlake 30X/day

After these songs and a thousand commercials for some new Caffeine-Laden diet formula that the DJ's lie about using, where's the new music and the unknown artists? Forget it,they don't get played.Why buy a new artists junk,when it's all played over and over and over and over again on the radio? I have to change radio stations all day long just to hear something new,and this is what I've learned. I start on Wplj,when the stop talking in the morning,the play an oldie,then play non-stop repetive junk like Timberlake all day.
Get sick of that switch to 104.3,until Scott Munie begins his irritating repetition of the Beatles for a bunch of songs at 12 Noon.
Switch to WSOU,provided the signal will come in now.I hope. If it doesn't,I switch to anything different,I've listened to:
Christian Music
India Music
Jewish Music

Anything to hear a FREAKIN' VARIETY for a change!!

That's why File-sharing keeps working,no-one I've seen has one type of music, because what we want to hear is something new,something different that we don't usually hear.

So to the Record Companies,get better artists,give the new guys a chance,put lyrics in EVERY ALBUM,give us at least 5 good songs on an album. Stop shoving the same groups down our throats.
Radio Stations,shut up about the diet products we know you're not using, start playing new artists,more local would be nice. Get rid of that lousy rotation you play.
Because my next step,since I already bought a radio for my car that plays mp3's. (125 songs in good quality on one cd), is to buy a radio/cd mp3 player for my job and my house and sell all my purchased cd's.
I remember when cd's first came out and the music industry promised the cost would come down from the then $16 a cd only because it was new technology,and it's now near 20 years later,and I never saw them even try to lower the price until mp3's came out,and even now,they're too much.
P.S. My friend has been singing for about 15 years now,and we put his music up on the file-sharing programs because no large radio stations will play a cd by a nobody (translation,someone who isn't paying them off to get on the air)Thank God for the college stations,they're the best!

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