What's Your Function?
Subject:   Your comment is inappropriate...
Date:   2003-08-02 00:37:58
From:   anonymous2
Response to: C is not functional

...given the audience this is geared at. Given my background in the subject (which I will assume is generaly consistent with the vast majority of people reading this column), I can't even fathom how profound and important your correction is. Maybe next time you can save the learned computer science nit picking for a column that doesn't focus extensively on "hello world".

Please keep the columns coming - they are quite good. At this pace I'll soon be able to troll neophyte-geared columns with my vast knowledge aching to drip from my fingertips...

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  1. Honestly not trying to troll
    2003-08-02 11:19:39  anonymous2 [View]

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