What's Your Function?
Subject:   Honestly not trying to troll
Date:   2003-08-02 11:19:39
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Your comment is inappropriate...

While I was somewhat brusk, I was not trying to provoke responses. I was trying to convey a rather complicated difference as simply as I could.

A beginning programmer is not going to care if what he is told is wrong, perhaps, but it will hinder his continued learning as he has to relearn concepts as he goes along.

In some subjects, this is done intentionally, such as physics, where galilean relativity is taught despite it being wrong, and only when special relativity is taught are the (more) correct concepts discussed.

I do not think this applies so well in this case. The article would have been just as useful if it had discussed the use of subroutines (a more apt name for the behavior involved), and perhaps touched briefly on how a function is a subroutine without a side effect.

I tried to present a way of telling the difference between the two as simply as I could, with a concrete example for each. I apologize if I was rude.