Performance Test: 802.11b Takes a Lickin' and Keeps on Tickin'
Subject:   2.4 Ghz Panasonic Phone zaps WLAN signal strength
Date:   2003-08-02 19:48:50
From:   anonymous2
I found this thread searching for a reason why my 2.4 GHz Panasonic phone would kill by wireless connection to my Dell Latitude x-200 laptop running XP. The pc-card and the base station are both Microsoft. I get an error showing I have "no signal strength" when using the phone near the laptop. The internet connection is broken and can be regained so far only by rebooting or by removing and re-inserting the wireless pc-card.

Curiously, the same pc-card in an older Dell Inspiron with W98 2ED with the same Microsoft base station never exhibited any problems.

- Lee from South Carolina