Weblog:   Gartner's Advice on SCO, vs. the Real Story, per Netcraft
Subject:   Gartner's Motives Suspect
Date:   2003-08-03 08:45:28
From:   intheknow
Before starting my own technology company in the healthcare arena, I was vice president of information technology for a Fortune 100 firm. Although my company's focus was primarily to provide internal IT services, we did a large amount of "commercial" processing, i.e., outsourcing for FedEX, Blue Cross, etc. It was important to establish credibility by getting rated by the Gartner Group. Of course, we hired them to do "consulting," which almost certainly influenced their position about our company.

Since there's no money in Open Source Linux products for a company like Gartner, does anybody really think they will do anything that favors what is a superior technology?