Weblog:   Gartner's Advice on SCO, vs. the Real Story, per Netcraft
Subject:   Gartner's message was clear as mud
Date:   2003-08-03 09:53:17
From:   anonymous2
Gartner's message wasn't clear, probably for legal reasons.

I spoke to Gartner after their "go slow" piece was published and they are extremely bullish on Linux.

They had very harsh words for SCO's transparent attempts at grabbing cash from corporations who are too timid to stand up for themselves.

I think the reason for the disconnect is that Gartner is afraid a client will sue them after they roll out Linux and then get into an expensive legal fight with SCO down the road.

Anyway - I dont' typically agree with most of what Gartner spews but in this case they are doing the right thing for their customers.