Weblog:   Gartner's Advice on SCO, vs. the Real Story, per Netcraft
Subject:   Gartner has history of cluelessnes
Date:   2003-08-03 10:08:44
From:   anonymous2
Gartner neither understands technology, nor has the
ability to collect the relevant information.

Historically, Gartner has misjudged several major developments and their experts have shown repeatadly their inability to back up advice with data. Overall, Gartner is just as good as the fortune cookies in my local chinese stirfry place (but Gartner's advice is probably more expensive and less tasty).

Should I remind everyone about their recent "Intrusion Detection Systems" study?

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  1. Gartner has history of cluelessnes
    2003-08-04 13:17:22  anonymous2 [View]

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